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On the greekness of Macedonia…

Posted by katsoyan on Friday, March 27, 2009

Some time ago a friend of mine commented on a statement of mine concerning the Greekness of Macedonia by saying: I am stating Professors’ opinions, not opinions of Karakitsos…

Well, that’s what I will do now. I am attaching the link to the webpage where someone can read the “letter to the Editor” of  Prof. Stephen G. Miller on the issue of Macedonia.


I guess it is interesting for those who know how important are letters to editors of scientific journals and for people who do not try to invent names and countries…


2 Responses to “On the greekness of Macedonia…”

  1. Fotios said

    Dear Katsoyan, the issue never was so much whether the Macedonians were Greeks as it was and is whether you and me are Greeks or Macedonians.

  2. katsoyan said

    speak for yourself… I am both Hellene/Greek and Macedonian.

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