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2010 World Cup

Posted by katsoyan on Sunday, September 7, 2008

Greece started with a clear victory (0-3) in Luxembourg, but not many people were happy with the way we played. Same players, same tactics and the win was not so easy as the final score says. As long as we win it’s ok. We should not complain. But even a blindman can see that the National team of Greece has to change. Charisteas, that should always play no matter what, changed and he is now playing in the right part of the greek offense. A place that has never played in the past (I guess).

I am a bit sceptic because I watched also the game of Israel against Switzerland and I saw two fast and strong teams, that will not be easily defeated. Note that especially israelians need desperately to qualify to a world cup for the first time after 40 years and for them is the big chance. Furthermore, for some reason we consider Letonia and Moldavia easy rivals, but we have to pay too much attention against them as well (just mentioning that Letonia eliminated some years ago Turkey in knock-out games).

Let’s wait and see what will happen this wednesday and of course we trust Otto Rehaggel…


5 Responses to “2010 World Cup”

  1. tolis said

    to simerino mats tha einai poli krisimo giati i letonia tha einai apo tis omades pou tha diekdikisoun tin prokrisi
    an to paroume pame kala..

  2. Makis M said

    Toli simera ama eferne ki ena X to israil den thelame tipota allo…

  3. Karakitsios said

    Ego den eida to paixnidi, alla ta media lene oti paixame kala. Pisteuo oti auto pou leipei apo tin omada xekathara einai enas dhmiourgikos mesos. Toulaxiston einai kalo to gegonos oti arxise na xypnaei o Seitaridis… Oson afora to xaristea, pisteuo oti einai psilos kai argos gia na paizei dexi extrem…

  4. Katsoyan said

    ki egw pistevw oti ama vrethoune se kali mera kapoia vasika atou tis omadas mas, opws o seitaridis px, ole ginontai. Dyo nikes twra stin edra mas kai ola ginontai…

  5. katsoyan said

    … after the results of the second day of our group, and given that now we have two games at home, I think that we have chances. Good chances. But I think that the most important game will be against Israel. If we go to play against them with 4/4 wins, and given that they have already drew one game at home, we can be happy even with a tie, and then wait for them in Greece.
    It is going to be tough, but at least we started well

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