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USA won the gold in basketball (with a little help from their friends)…

Posted by katsoyan on Sunday, August 24, 2008

At first I would like to say that it was the best basketball game I have ever watched, as fas as the “spactacle” is concerned. Great shots, dunks, tactics (from one side only) , nerve, physical game etc etc. Finally, the team USA managed to win, because “that was the right thing to happen”. They played well but as “The beatles” were singing, they “got high with a little help from their friends”, the three referees who were not courageous enough to play 50-50.  They allowed the physical and cruel play of the Americans, and in some cases they applied the rule “no blood – no foul”. It was amazing at the end of the third period. It was funny when Marc Gasol scored and instead of a goal-foul they gave the ball from outside. They closed their eyes on an obvious offensive foul of LeBron (which was followed by an excellent shoot by Lebron).

I do not want to say that the Americans did not play well. It is just that in all games, when they face difficulties, the players of ALL THE USA Basketball Teams, they loose temper and they do not know how to react. They start shooting from long distance and they got nervous in deffense. The same happenned in Saitama two years ago, when Greece came back from a -15, and the same was likely to happen today, if these three had palyed 50-50.

Concerning my friend Fotios, and his comments, I am devoting to him the following:

You can’t say enough about Spain’s performance tonight. With Jose Calderon injured and the game refereed by a group of men who may never have actually seen a basketball game before this one, Spain went out there with a 17-year-old point guard and nearly pulled the upset of the Olympics. Rudy Fernandez finished with 22 points, Pau Gasol went for 21 and 6, and Ricky Rubio went for 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. (from slamonline.com).


Something else interesting, are the comments at the site: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/24082008/58/beijing-2008-usa-outgun-spain-win-gold.html

Everybody complains about the referees…


15 Responses to “USA won the gold in basketball (with a little help from their friends)…”

  1. Erik said

    Now that the Gold Metal has come back to the U.S., the debate begins, who is better team: The 1992 Dream Team or this years Redeem Team? You decide. 🙂


  2. Fotios said

    The Spanish played probably the best they can play and the Americans had pretty much only Dwayne and Kobe on a good day and still they won by 11? Imagine what would happen on a normal or bad day for the Spanish. Actually, we don’t have to imagine it as we saw it happen in the first game. For the time being Athanasie, and probably for the rest of your life, look at the top and tell me what you see baby. Do you see them stripes and stars? 🙂

  3. Katsoyan said

    Thanks Guys for your comments.
    @ Eric: a comparison between 1992 and 2008 US teams is like trying to compare a Mercedes Benz with a Fiat 600…
    @ Fotios: Ain’t you tired of saying that everybody who plays against USA plays his best and the americans are always in their bad day?
    IN greece we say, that a repeated coincidence, is not a coincidence anymore. In addition, you seem to forget that both in 2006 and today, Greece and Spain were not with full roster. In 2006 there was Zissis missing and today there was no Calderon. And you know pretty well that the difference by 11 is fake. Thanks to the referees that gave 2 technical fouls at the last seconds… For the rest, if the stripes and stars are better, I am the first to support them. If not (and knowing that as athletes they are much better than their rivals) I will do the most tough criticism.

    In any case dear Fotios, the US team deserves something more than one win every 8 years 😉

  4. Katsoyan said

    @ Eric: Thanks for reminding us the SUPER team with Larry, Charls, Magic etc. WHy should we lose time by comparing with the ones of today that needed the help from the referees to win???

  5. Fotios said

    Regarding the coincidence you metnion and how it is not a coincidence, surely you are speaking of the “coincidence” of the Spanish team losing twice in a few days. One time by 11 and the other by 37. Right?

  6. katsoyan said

    That’s also not a coincidence anymore, but that’s not the only thing I have said.
    You know something Fotios. I admire American scientists, because eventhough some of them are the best in their field, they listen to what others have to say, and if theo thers are good, they try to have them with them (thousands of examples). IN basketball, as well, they try to sign the best non-americans. In your case, I do not see this characteristic, but rather I see the arrogance of someone who thinks that he can always win everything because he won today (in Greek: nomizeis oti epiases ton papa apo ta arhidia), and you do not show the necessary respect to the rival. Contrarily to you american players showed it…

  7. Karakitsios Spyros said

    ego os karakitsios, anti na to riskaro kai na po kamia malakia, tha symfoniso me to stratigo katsoyan. Apla na episimano oti i fysiki katastasi, i altikotita kai i taxytita ton amerikanon einai yperfysikes (genetiki kai ximia kanoun kala ti doulia tous), opote mpravo sta palikaria tous europaious pou me myalo, taktiki kai psixi katafernoun na tous dyskoleuoun ti zoi, enniote se vathmo kakourgimatos. Telos, poly xairomai pou mia mikri xoufta nomateon allaxe to onoma tis Dream Team se Redeem Team….

  8. Fotios said

    Karakitsio, spano na eyloga ta geneia tou proti fora ida.

    Athanasie, tous ektimo tous antipalous; eipa oti einai klasi anoteroi apo tous Ellines kai vasika deyteroi ston kosmo autoi ti stigmi. Apla ta paidia den boroun na ta vgaloun pera me tous Amerikanous. Einai megali i diafora.

  9. katsoyan said

    Did you watch the game? Or are you just repeating the same slogans? Did you see that a 17 year old Spanish was playing against them, as if they were at the same level?

  10. katsoyan said

    @ Karakitsios: Kala ta les: Ximeia, Talento kai Gymnastiki kanoun ayto to pragma. Xwris ximeia ayta ta kormia den ginontai…

  11. katsoyan said

    Fotie, eheis grapsei sto link gia to makedoniko zitima:

    “Thanasi, ego exo ferei episima stoixeia sto trapezi gia to ti miliotan kai 100 xronia prin kai 200 stin Makedonia. Tis meletes gia tous Tsamides tis vlepeis episis (apo kathigites, oxi karakitsous).”

    Apo kei, proekypse to thema me to “karakitsios”. Xavale kanoume;-)

  12. Fotios said

    oraios o karakitsios! 🙂

  13. katsoyan said

    Fotie, no response again. DID YOU WATCH THE GAME?

  14. Fotios said

    I sure did watch it and enjoyed it very much. Great game and Rudy was amazing – as was Pau. I just thought that Kobe and Dawyne were even greater.

  15. katsoyan said

    You mean Kobe that should have been fouled out at the third quarter…

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