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Hellas – Euro 2008

Posted by katsoyan on Sunday, December 2, 2007

We are in Group D. Against Sweden (first game, 10/6/2008), Russia (14/6/2008) and Spain (18/6/2008). All games will be held in Salzburg.

The group is difficult but we have to be realistic. There is no easy opponent and comparing to the other group maybe is the easiest. Spain and Russia were in the same group with us in 2004, as well. Spain is more or less the same team. Very good players, but they never manage to go all the way. A positive thing is that we have played against Spain many times the last years and we have demonstrated that we are in position to take good results. Russia, instead, is totally different comparing to the team of 2004. Only players from the National League participate in this team (only Kersakov is playing abroad) and on June (that the games will be played) they are in the midlle of their championship. We had lost from them even in 2004, so it is a difficult opponent. Finally Sweden is a traditional team, with very good players and a strong team. Ibrahimovic and Ljungberg arethe most important players.

Personal opinion: If we get a good result against Sweden then everything is possible. The group is very equilibrated so, I think that, many games will de a draw. That means that if we manage to win the Sweeds, we are almost qualified. And if we qualify we will have to play against a team fromt he Group C. This means that maybe we will have to face France 😉 And if we win France, then we will have to play against someone from the Groups A or B; This means that maybe we wil lhave to face Czech Republic 😉 After we win the Czechs ( 😉 ), the final game can be nothing else but Greece vs Portugal 😉


8 Responses to “Hellas – Euro 2008”

  1. nikos said

    However 2-0(sweeden-hellas), greece is till very strong and we will take again this year’s euro

  2. fotios said

    I have now watched both games (against Sweden and Russia) and Greece was back to its usual self, i.e. a pathetic team with pathetic players. They could not even pass the ball right when not pressed. They were falling down on their own and complaining at the referee like raped virgins. What a circus!

  3. katsoyan said

    Fotios you are exaggerating. Against Russia, we were not tha bad.
    Greetings from Lamia

  4. fotios said

    well, I will let the numbers demonstrate who is exaggerating:


    So, Greece is the only team in Euro 2008 that hasn’t scored a single goal up to now. Arguably worse team to watch as well. If going from champion to goal-less clown is not pathetic I don’t know what is…

    BTW, in your opinion, which team was the worse in the tournament up to now?

  5. tolis said

    ..and the worst of all: Turkey will win the cup!

  6. Fotios said

    Tha itan fantastiko ean kerdize i Tourkia to kypelo. Tha po giati ama to kerdisei…

  7. stahtompoutis said

    siga re filaraki mi haroume ama to kerdisei i tourkia. aman pia me tis ellinotourkikes filies.
    siga tin omada…

  8. Fotios said

    opote kerdizei ena outsider kerdizoun oloi osoi einai outsiders – sto podosfairo i allou. Skepsou to auto filaraki kathos kai to poso kalyteros tha einai o kosmos pou zoume otan ta favori, se otidipote, tha papsoun na einai sygekrimenes xores. I diadikasia pros auto ton kosmo exei arxisei, kai ta taboo gia xores, ratses kai onomata peftoun. Ena, Ena! Apolafstika!

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