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Olympiacos Champions League

Posted by katsoyan on Friday, November 30, 2007


Rome, Italy, 28/11/2007 

Olympiacos won (easily) in Rome, 1-2 against Lazio and now needs just 1 point at the last game against Werder Bremen.

Lazio scored first (30′, the goal should not count, ball was illegally returned from outside), but Olympiacos scored 5 minutes later (35′, Galletti) and Darko Kovasevic in the second half scored the winning goal.  Now everything is open in the group. Olympiacos can finish first or even last. One thing is sure. That if he does not lose, he qualifies for Ch. League.

Referree was again negative for Olympiacos. He did not cancel the goal of Lazio, he was whistling only few times for Olympiakos and gave yellow cards to 4 Olympiacos players, and noone to Lazio players.

Goals from sport-fm:

Goal of Lazio: Pandev still has problems of hearing???


5 Responses to “Olympiacos Champions League”

  1. Fotios said

    Yeah, that was a good game. I saw it and I really enjoyed Darco’s goal. A question that I have is whether the current Olympiakos should be considered a Greek team and whether it is a problem at all whether a Greece based team consists of Greek players. I mean in the last game 6 out of 11 Olumpiakos players did not have Greek names…

  2. katsoyan said

    Hi Fotios,
    This is a big question. I think that Olympiacos is quite ok, if you consider that there are always at least 5-6 Greek players. There are the examples of Inter Milano and of Chelsea that in some cases they barely had 1 or 2 national players.

    The best example of a competitive team that participates also in European cups is the Atletic Bilbao, where all players, not only they are Spanish, but they should also be Basque. Only once a non spanish played (Bizente Lizarazu), who was a French Basque, so he was acceptable 😉

  3. Makis M said

    Re Foti, aytoi mporei na min ehoun ellinika onomata, alla ehoun kanei self-define ton eayto tous ws ellines. Ara…

  4. Fotios said

    a, exoun auto-kathoristei? i einai opos as poume kapoioi indoi me vretaniko divatirio pou ama tous rotisoun filoi lene oti einai indoi kai ama tous rotisoun oi batsoi lene oti einai vretanoi?

  5. katsoyan said

    χοχοχο μπράβο ρε μάκη, πολύ γέλασα.

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