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In NBA they call him “The next big thing”

Posted by katsoyan on Monday, November 26, 2007

Kostas (Kosta) Koufos is only 18 years old. But he has too much talent. He is 2.16 m tall and he can bring the ball as if he was a play-maker. He can post but also shoot for three. Although Greece lost in the final of U-18 Eurobasket 2007, he was the MVP of the tournament (rare, because usually a player form the winning team gets the award). He is called by the Americans “The next big thing”.

For those who have never watched him, there he is:


3 Responses to “In NBA they call him “The next big thing””

  1. Fotios said

    poly kalos o neopas! Den ton eixera

  2. katsoyan said

    Prepei na ton deis na triplarei me antipalo 30 pontous kontytero…

  3. Makis M said

    Emena mou fainetai ligo leptos pantws. prepei na parei ogko. Einai isios kai soutarei apo pantou. mporei na ginei poly megali paiktoura

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