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Olympiacos – Real Madrid

Posted by katsoyan on Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Final score: 0-0.

Olympiacos now has 5 pts, shares the second place with Lazio and it seems that the game in Rome (28/11/2007) will be the critical.

If Lazio wins, Olympiacos cannot qualify to the 16 of the Ch. League; instead, with every other final score, Olympiacos is the absolute favorite for qualification. The positive thing is that now there are 3 weeks without games and that way the injured players have the time to recover and come back.

Till the 28th of November…


4 Responses to “Olympiacos – Real Madrid”

  1. Nikos said

    Olympiakos must win in Rome, to have the qualification in his hands.
    Because if he draws in Rome and Lazio wins against Real, he is out.
    If Real gets a draw with Werder Bremen than he will not care for a point in the game with Lazio.
    Olympiakos must take care of this scenario.


  2. katsoyan said

    Hallo Nick,
    If Olympiakos draws in Rome and Lazio wins against Real, Olympiacos is not out. If he wins against Werder, then will qualify the one who will score more goals at the last game… Right now, Olympiacos and Lazio have equal statistics.

  3. Nikos said

    Here I have to help you.
    In the senario mentioned above,
    Real, Lazio and Olympiakos will have 9 points each.
    In this case as mentioned in the Regulations in uefa.com,
    (pdf download at http://www.uefa.com/competitions/ucl/format/newsid=316773.html)
    page 10 paragraph 6.05:
    <If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group
    matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings:
    a) higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the
    teams in question;
    So, between these 3 teams, Real has 1 win 2 draws 1 lost, Lazio 1 win 3 draws, Olympiakos 3 draws
    1 lost.


  4. katsoyan said

    thanks for youe scenario. It is indeed interesting, and I had never thought of it. Let’s hope that if Olympiacos draws in Rome and wins against Werder (almost perfect for us scenario) he will qualify!
    Ciao ciao

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