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Interinstitute Basketball Tournament _ Round 3

Posted by katsoyan on Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The last time I had written that the game against IES was the best game ever played by IHCP, at least in terms of playing like a team. Yesterday, we played against IPSC and I think that we played even better. It was more a team work and our game was characterised by a ballanced participation, scoring and an easy (our players made it look easy) win. The final score was 51-32. Maybe the more wide win, at least as far as I can remember.

Dave, Iftah, Paolo and Angela played again really hard and gave everything that they had, but I would like to make a special reference to Anna, Marco and Ioannis for whom this is the first year that they participate in the team.

Anna was really a serial killer yesterday. Whenever she had the ball, she was scoring, exceeding the 10pts and contributing a lot in the IHCP win. She also played perfect defence and took rebounds.

Marco was decisive from the begining and scored a lot, especially during the first difficult minutes. He also played very good defence. This time it was him (and a bit Dave) that were provoked by players of IPSC, but he remained calm and concentrated until the end.

Ioannis was very much improved comparing to his first appearence and seemed to be a member of this team since long time. He scored many points and took some important rebounds.

After the third round was completed, IHCP is first (3 wins, 0 losses) and we have to face in the semifinal the team of IPSC again who are the last in the classification.

ps: As for me, I was the selected by the “comitato organizzativo” for the first page of sportsweek…



2 Responses to “Interinstitute Basketball Tournament _ Round 3”

  1. Nikos said

    I see from the only 32 points against us, my absence was covered well in defence 🙂


  2. katsoyan said

    How could we dissapoint you???
    Next time be ready to play!

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