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Interinstitute Basketball Tournament

Posted by katsoyan on Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Game against IES is past! Eccola qua, la capolista eccola qua!!!

In my opinion that was the best game ever for IHCP; In the sense that we performed very well like a team and in some instances we played pretty good basketball! I believe that we all played relatively equal time, I think we all scored, and although we were provoced, we never reacted.

Dave was really on fire and his consecutive long distance shots at the beggining of the second half helped in having a secure difference.

Iftah was as always giving everything he has in both defence and attack. He scored crucial shots. He was provoced a lot, but he did not react!

Paolo fought really hard and won almost all personal fights (and some times against two or three players). He scored a lot, especially at the end, just when IES was trying to come back. 

Angela was the one we all know! Running, running running, defending defending defending and ofcourse SCORING!

Nikos gave too many fights as well, scored and took rebounds.

First appearence for Ioannis. He can offer a lot. He was a bit afraid at the beginning but he can certainly improve and offer a lot.

I also played, in my opinion, acceptably.

Final Score? IHCP-IES: 45-30!


15 Responses to “Interinstitute Basketball Tournament”

  1. Nikos said

    We also survived the dirty tricks of our opponent like :

    -changing the ball after they saw that we were scoring the one triple after the other

    -starting the second half time while still half of our team was getting
    the last instructions from our coach

    -complaining all the time to influence the referee

    -not to mention it was the hardest team so far

    etcetera etcetera

    Congratulations to all of us


  2. katsoyan said

    Well, Nick you are right.
    This makes our win even more important!
    Looking forward for the next game!

    To those who could go, tonight there is training session at Club House, at around 18:30


  3. Caiqy said

    You are a nice commentator on game..:)). Your work would be highlighted if you had put some interesting photos about the game…

  4. katsoyan said

    Thanks Caiqy,
    I will upload once i have some:-)

  5. Angela said

    Hi everybody,
    It had been ages since I last felt I was part of a real team. I had been playing team sports for many years in the past; now I remember why I liked it so much… this sense of being a team which is completely different from being “friends” or “relatives” or “lovers” is something unique and I like it!

    Thanks a lot to each of you to have reminded me of that!


  6. katsoyan said

    Ciao Angela,
    Thanks to you for playing in ALL the games!
    I should remind here that since you joined the team, you have not missed a single game. And it should be also pointed that you play the whole game!


  7. Θθηθ Καηθ said

    What a partali, den briskei gomeno kai to paizei athlitria, pes tis na valei foto na gelasoume.
    Eimai poli xaroumenos pou stisate ena toso eurwpaiko site k Katsogianni kai eimai entousiasmenos pou simmetexw se autin tin katapliktiki parea sindaitimonvn

  8. katsoyan said

    Se parakalw, min prosvaleis tous episkeptes tou blog!

  9. Θθηθ Καηθ said

    Re seis sigoura milate gia basketball kai oxi gia tipota allo?

  10. Θθηθ Καηθ said

    Mia aidia katintise to prama

  11. Θθ Κηθ said

    Einai ena blog pou diakinei pornografiko uliko (video tou gavrou) an thelete na sinexisetai na simmetexetai apenergopoiiste ton goniko elegxo

  12. katsoyan said

    ωραιο ρε μαστορα το μηνυμα σου, αλλά σε λάθος post κάνεις commnet

  13. Θθ Κηθ said

    Μπα, στο σωστό κάνω και σε ευχαριστώ για το υπέροχο συναίσθημα που μου θύμησες να γράφω σε blog

  14. katsoyan said

    Να σαι καλά!

  15. […] last time I had written that the game against IES was the best game ever played by IHCP, at least in terms of […]

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