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Turkey – Greece: 0-1

Posted by katsoyan on Sunday, October 21, 2007

Greece won in Turkey (0-1) and qualified for the Euro 2008 in Austria-Switzerland. Instead, Turkey has few possibilities to be there. To do so, they will need to win Norway in Oslo and Bosnia and Herzegovina at home.

prwt-turk-gre.jpg fanatik2.jpg

for more info: http://www.uefa.com/ -competitions/euro/fixturesresults/round=2241/match=83867/report=rp.html

video of the game:



3 Responses to “Turkey – Greece: 0-1”

  1. Themistocles said

    Fantastic win.
    The final score fails to describe the difference in quality between the two teams.
    Let’s all wish that Greece makes it again in Wien next summer!

  2. Arxhgos said


    How are you?

    Long time no SEA

  3. katsoyan said

    oxi re to swsto eiani “long time, no si”

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